The Smart Energy Systems platform powers the integration of all relevant data from/to various sources including IoT devices (which we produce ourselves) and energy markets, as well as business logic, reporting & analytics pipelines for enabling decision making and optimization feedback loops.

As of beginning of 2020, we have acquired energy trading and aggregation licenses and have been certified to trade in the Hellenic and European energy exchange markets. As our team is constantly growing and evolving, we are looking to strengthen our electricity trading department that performs the full energy trading related processes by welcoming a new team member with a strong electricity markets background and a passion for continuous learning and improvement.

Candidates for the position should have:

The candidates will be evaluated according to their merits on:

Our new team member is expected to make significant contributions towards shaping the direction and evolution of our trading strategies and portfolio optimization by actively participating in the operations of our current setting and continuous development of our processes and tools.

We provide:

If you have what it takes, send your CV (with a short note on why you would like to join us) with a subject “Energy Trader” at:

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