Big Energy Data Value Creation within SYNergetic enERGY-as-a-service Applications through trusted multi-party data sharing over an AI big data analytics marketplace.

It is common ground today that the traditional top-down business models of centralized decisions and data silos have become obsolete. The transition towards data sharing and collective intelligence is proving to be much more efficient, not only in organizational level, but also in an industry or even community level.

In the world of Smart Grids, ensuring network stability and resilience, while promoting high RES penetration, market coupling and prosumer engagement is already a big challenge and sets an equally challenging environment for the involved stakeholders to achieve organization targets, both in process and economic terms.

SYNERGY is an innovation action project funded by EU’s Horizon 2020, which brings together a consortium of 24 partners, covering the whole spectrum of Energy and ICT fields (DSOs, TSOs, ESCOs, Aggregators, Energy Providers, large and medium companies, (in fields such as Project Management, Business Development, RnD, Software Development, Big Data Analytics, Computer Science and more), aiming at the development of the tools and processes which will address such business barriers and will essentially contribute in the transition of energy market stakeholders in the new era.

SYNERGY introduces a novel reference big data architecture and platform which leverages data related to the electricity domain, coming from diverse sources (APIs, historical data, statistics, sensors/ IoT, weather, energy markets and various other open data sources) to help electricity stakeholders to simultaneously enhance their data reach, improve their internal intelligence on electricity-related optimization functions, while getting involved in novel data (intelligence) sharing/trading models, in order to shift individual decision-making at a collective intelligence level.

Specifically, SYNERGY will develop a highly effective Big Energy Data Platform and AI Analytics Marketplace, accompanied by big data-enabled applications that will be validated in 5 largescale demonstrators, in Greece, Spain, Austria, Finland and Croatia.

The project’s duration is 42 months, with an allocated total budget of 9.93 Million Euros. Its kick-off meeting was successfully hosted on the 8th and 9th of this January in Valencia (Spain).

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