The project title is: Adding value to biodiesel-derived crude glycerol with the use of chemical and microbial technology. The acronym of the project is Addvalue2glycerol and the project code Τ1ΕΔΚ-03002. More Information

Crude glycerol is the main by-product of biodiesel production and its production has been significantly increased over the past two decades. Valorization of this stream as a substrate for the production of new chemicals or biofuels is interesting for the biodiesel industry. Addvalue2glycerol aims to develop sustainable and eco-friendly strategies for the conversion of crude glycerol, into a plethora of metabolites useful for the food, chemical and biofuel-producing industries, with the aid of microbial technology.

The project consists of 3 partners. Elin Verd as a biodiesel producer will supply the raw materials for the study of the above-mentioned processes. In addition, Elin Verd will study the lab an pilot scale production of fatty acid esters of the produced chemicals (mannitol and erythritol).

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